An Inside Look at Assisting with Elyse Mason

If you’ve ever practiced at AYCT, chances are you’ve seen the bright and smiling face of Elyse Mason. She is David’s right hand assistant in the morning, and the main teacher when he travels. She’s the small one with the blonde hair and friendly smile. But don’t let her petite frame fool you – she’ll pretzel you into Marichyasana D or Supta Kurmasana with the strength and technique that only skilled teachers possess. Elyse has been assisting and teaching Ashtanga for over 5 years, and I don’t want to brag or anything but… she’s pretty great! So when I wanted to get an idea about what Teaching and Assisting Mysore is like, I knew exactly who I wanted to ask!

For anyone who is interested in assisting and teaching Ashtanga Yoga, this article is an incredible resource!

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