Ashtanga Weekend Practice Intensive

Fri, Feb 9 – Sun, Feb 11, 2018

Join David Robson and Jelena Vesić for a weekend of practice guaranteed to deepen your Ashtanga Sadhana.

This weekend is open to all levels of practitioner, however we recommend that you have a steady Ashtanga practice already in order to participate. If you’re unsure, please ask at the front desk.

Whole weekend: $265 / $220 for AYCT members (or sign up individually for workshops)


Workshop: Ashtanga & Meditation

Friday 7-8.30pm – $50

In The Yoga Sutras, Patanjali wrote that the mind can be stilled by practice and non-attachment (1.12). How does our practice on the mat actually work to still our mind? Where does non-attachment fit in? This workshop will take a detailed and practical look at the technique and philosophy that can make our daily Ashtanga practice a powerful meditation. You will require a mat and you will need to wear appropriate clothing for asana.

Led Primary

Sat 8-9.30am – $25 (free with AYCT membership/pass)

David will lead you through Ashtanga’s Primary Series with the traditional Sanskrit count, and include some detailed instruction along the way. Prepare to work very hard!


Sat 10-11am – Free

A talk on the tradition of Ashtanga with a Q&A.

Workshop: Perfecting the Fundamental Asanas

Sat 2.30-5pm – $75

Take a deep and detailed look at the alignment and actions of Ashtanga’s opening sequence. Study the exact vinyasas that connect each of the postures, and Learn ways to deepen the work and progression of your daily practice.

Mysore (upstairs studio)

Sun 8-11am – $40

A semi-private Mysore session with David & Jelena – just 12 people in the room at a time.

Workshop: Vinyasa Lab

Sun 2.30-5pm – $75

Vinyasa is the catalyst that creates the transformational power of the Ashtanga Sadhana. This workshop will provide an in-depth examination of vinyasa, both in. theory and practice, giving you the tools to deepen your experience on the mat.