Why The Fundamental Asanas Are So Important

David Robson Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto

I’m not going to lie, for the first year or so of practice, I didn’t think much of the fundamental asanas.

To me, the standing sequence was just something I had to “get through” until the real practice started. I spent a lot of time rushing through it, and not really focusing on my alignment because, at the time, it seemed like just a warm-up.

Over time, I realized the importance of these postures, and the impact they can have on our practice. In this post I share the importance of the fundamental asanas, and how to improve!

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4 Tips for Dealing with Pain in Practice

Practicing through pain is something most Ashtangis have done at some point in time. But it isn’t necessary! You do not, and should not be fighting through pain to make it through your practice. This week we’re giving you 4 great ways to deal with pain when it comes up in your practice.

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4 Reasons Why Dristi Is So Important

Dristi is important in our Asana practice. It is one of the three Tristhanas or, “points of focus” during our practice along with Asana and Pranayama.

Dristi, I’ve realized for me at least, is foundational, and instrumental to my level focus and concentration throughout my practice.

So this week, I thought I’d discuss why it’s so important to our practice.

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Guru Culture and Ashtanga Yoga

I think the idea of having a “Guru” is quite polarizing. People seem to land on either side of the issue. They either love the idea of having one teacher/guru, or they stand firm in that Guru culture is BS, and rebel completely.

Now  guru culture in the Ashtanga lineage is interesting because we have a living breathing Guru, Sharath. And while some people hang on his every word, others… don’t.

This weeks blog is all about Guru culture. Check it out to hear my thoughts on the issue, and what I think are some important things to consider before taking a Guru.

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How to Cultivate a Sustainable Home Practice

Maintaining a home practice can be really tough. I know that when I’m not amidst the buzzing energy of the studio, and with the accountability of my teachers, I really struggle. And I don’t think I’m alone in this. The reality is many practitioners don’t have the luxury of being close to an Ashtanga studio, so cultivating a home practice is important. This week I sought the expertise of two wicked home practitioners to find out just what gets them on their mat everyday.

Read more to here what Kat and Jeff had to say!

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