Intro to Ashtanga Newsletter - Natassia November

A Perfect Place to Begin...

Join AYCT teacher Natassia for an exciting 4-week course to explore the foundations of Ashtanga Yoga.  

A Course For Total Beginners

For students with no previous experience of Ashtanga. Learn the fundamentals of the Ashtanga yoga practice in a slow, safe and comprehensive way. During this four week course, students will learn Sun Salutations and the Fundamental Postures, breathing techniques, and the Mysore style approach to practice.

By the end of this course you'll have a solid understanding of the Ashtanga yoga method and will have a short sequence memorized that you can practice on your own.

All classes at AYCT follow current COVID-19 safety protocols.



Class Schedule

Week 1: Nov. 7/21
The basic techniques of Ashtanga Yoga: Breath, Posture and Gaze. Learn the Sun Salutations, and how to finish your practice with the last 3 sitting poses.

Week 2: Nov. 14/21
Beginning the Fundamental Sequence: Learn the vinyasa and alignment for the first six standing poses.

Week 3: Nov. 21/21
Continuing the Fundamentals: Finishing up the Fundamental Sequence with the vinyasa and alignment for the last 5 poses.

Week 4: Nov. 28/21
Introduction to Mysore-style practice. Review of the course and next steps to continue building your practice.

Beginner Friendly

This course is perfect for total beginners looking to begin their yoga journey.  Each pose is taught slowly and in detail with modifications.


Our beginners course is perfect for those with no experience. You'll enjoy learning as part of a small and supportive group.

Space is limited to 15 students


Regular Pricing: $120 CAD

SAVE $20 until November 1st!!
Early Bird Pricing: ONLY $100 CAD

Space is limited to 15 students.

Refunds will only be issued if local Covid19 measures disallow in-person classes.

Meet Natassia


Natassia has held a dedicated Ashtanga practice for the past 7 years. She has been to Mysore, India twice to study with Sharath Jois, learning both Primary and Intermediate series from him. On her first trip to Mysore she rescued a puppy named Pako who is one of our many AYCT dogs.