Healthy Holiday Tips for Ashtangi’s

T’is the season for Holiday get-togethers, tons of delicious food, and possibly staying at your in-laws for an extended period of time.

The holidays can be challenging for us Ashtangis. Our daily practice routine may be altered. We might find ourselves indulging in more treats than usual and feeling heavy and bloated. And staying with your family for a week may at times feel more challenging than kapotasana!

But fear not, this week we’re going to give you some simple tips to keep you feeling great this Holiday season!

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Intermittent Fasting for Ashtangis

Lemon water

By now you’ve probably heard of Intermittent Fasting. It’s become a quite popular nutrition protocol in the fitness world these days, and it isn’t without warrant.

So you might be wondering, is this something I should be doing as an Ashtangi?

This week we’re taking a look at IF and how it can be beneficial for Ashtangis!

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How to Fuel Your Body for Ashtanga

Something I get asked all the time by practitioners is how to eat for this practice, and I think it’s so important. We work super hard in this practice, and fuelling our bodies with nutritious food is a necessity! So this week I’m sharing all about how to get proper nutrition for Ashtanga.

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How IV Therapy Can Help Support Ashtangi Health

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with AYCT’s very own Vitamin Girl, Naturopath Dr. Tara Campbell, to chat all about IV therapy and the impact it can have on Ashtangi’s and their health. If you’ve never heard about IV Therapy, that’s ok! You can read all about it and it’s incredible health benefits in this weeks post!

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What is the Correct Yogic Diet?

I get asked a lot what the best nutrition practice is for yogis, and what type of diet a yogi should adopt. What might seem like a pretty straightforward question is actually more complex than you might think. In this article, we deep dive into the question – to eat meat, or not to eat meat.

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